Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 Putting useful modifications in the photobooth. The latest is wall power for the camera so that I can get my drink on instead of fiddling with dead batteries.

Catch the 'ible here

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  1. Roni,

    I came to your website via looking at your photobooth instructable. Looks fantastic. I am also going to try and create a photo booth for a wedding and was looking at your images as part of my research on what I wanted to do.

    Based upon what I saw in your Instructable it appeared that you set up the booth for easy disassembly but when I came to your page there is a picture of you traveling with the booth full assembled in the back of your restored pick-up truck.

    Was the disassembly which you built into the design too time consuming that it is easier to transport fully or is there another reason why you transport it fully assembled?

    Also, do you have any other additional documentation other than what you posted on Instructables? The BOM and the overview/envelope drawing are fantastic but if you had any other reference material I would love to see/look at it.

    Great job.