Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Classic Radio now with mp3!

As mentioned previously, I have been fixing my radio for the sole purpose of hacking it. Now that it is functional, my goal is to be able to connect an mp3 player and listen to it in the truck.

The easiest solution would probably be to use a transmitter but I have two problems with this. First, there are about a billion FM transmitters on the market but I have yet to see an AM solution. Seeing as how my old radio is AM only this does not work for me. Second, I have witnessed first hand just how poorly those transmitters perform. They are prone to fading in and out, shifting, and all sorts of other pesky problems; this is not the solution for me!

I know there are multiple ways of going about this, so I had a few qualifiers in mind when I first approached this problem:

1) Easy to implement
2) Cheap!
3) Reversible

Unexpectedly, I stumbled on a perfect solution here. The original poster's explanation left a lot to be desired but forum member gryzynx clarified a number of details and helped me out with the component selection (I am poster ronilevi obviously).

I purchased the 3.5mm jack for $0.50, scavenged the appropriate cable, and hooked it all up. I had a few mis-steps of course (I thought I fried my iPod a couple times), but it was really just as simple as two wires to hook up:

I will have to implement a more permanent solution but, at least for now, I know this works! As a bonus, here is video of it functioning:

Please note and observe the forum warning to not have the mp3 player charging while it is hooked up to the radio.

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